AI Takes Center Stage In Tech Development, But Enterprises Still Require A Digital Foundation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already influencing technology development across all industries and will continue to speed up over the coming years. It isn’t one solution or one feature but rather an overall enhancement to the products we’re already using. AI is becoming part of the value chain and the workflows of companies through their suppliers and vendors. In addition, AI is disrupting industries, and new competitors will rise and fight for your customers.

Will enterprises be able to execute their AI strategy and leverage the AI opportunities themselves in new value propositions to their customers? It depends on whether they have a digital foundation in place and have gained control internally—both of them crucial to be able to act fast going forward. Leaders, roll up your sleeves.

The AI revolution brings with it a déjà vu of automation, and there is proof that the apprehensions and encouragements to label AI as positive change are reminiscent of those of the Industrial Revolution. However, this time, perspectives are emerging widely diverse thanks to the e-globalization of trends.

At the same time, we must understand the motives that lead technological achievements to be socially praised. There is usually an evolutionary consensus when a prevailing model can no longer propel people forward, so, irrespective of the social comfort zone previously achieved, a technological breakthrough is embraced that emulates and enhances human capability and whose novel quality becomes a public enabler in the short term. The degree of long-term value depends on how change is approached and organized during the early stages of adaptation.

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