Phoxy is a remote camera app that allows for virtual photo sessions. Take high resolution photos from anywhere. Just make a call and request or allow camera access. Full-Sized images are saved to the phone of the camera that is being controlled.


Introducing the ultimate bullet journaling app with a guided twist! Our journaling app provides a seamless experience for daily journaling with the help of prompts to kick start your writing. Whether you are looking to track your daily tasks, just down your thoughts or cultivate a sense of gratitude, our app has got you covered.


Bring your dreams to life with our new app, Vision Board - Aesthetic. Create a visual representation of your goals and aspirations with our intuitive and user-friendly interface. Features include the ability to share your vision board with friends and family, save it to your camera roll for easy access, add inspiring quotes, and add images to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your board. Our app allows you to explore and discover your mood, interests, and desires, and turn them into a manifestation of your aspirations. You can attract positive energy into your life by setting intentions and focusing on what you truly want. With Vision Board - Aesthetic, you can easily create a beautiful and inspiring vision board that serves as a constant reminder of your goals and dreams. Do not wait any longer, download Vision Board - Aesthetic today and start manifesting your dreams into reality.


Beleving Curist is een belevingsapp waarmee gebruikers steden en hun schatten op een unieke manier kunnen ontdekken. Met onze combinatie van real-life sightseeing en Augmented Reality 3D-modellering zijn we in staat de geschiedenis nieuw leven in te blazen en de ultieme stadservaring te bieden: visueel, auditief, informatief en emotioneel.


Everything you love is now in one place. Easily save and share all the memories and experiences you recommend others to explore. Your unforgettable moments, the places that were worth the visit, movies that made you cry or left you breathless with laughter, the song that’s your jam, the products you want to tell everyone about, anything and everything that you love. Fayvo doesn’t stop at just your favorites. It opens a new world for you to discover what the people are saving, sharing, and recommending. Follow your friends, family, and other users from all over the world and stay connected to enjoy life and get inspired by thousands of people and their experiences. Fayvo has got you covered! Find endless recommendations for everything you love and explore the Fayvo community for people who have the same interests as you.


Blinctrip is a flight booking app designed to help you have a great trip every time you travel. It enables you to book the best flight & manage all your online flight bookings. Our travel assistance app shows you your door-to-door itinerary & your in-flight experience before you book affordable flights. You can compare Blinctrip fares with India is best flight booking apps to ensure that you get the best deal on your airline tickets.

Rate My Drip

RateMyDrip is a new social app for fashion. Share your fashion with people in your city and all over the world! We want social media to be FUN again, no more overthinking your content.


An application for Businesses signed with Amar Priyo app to get orders, create order, register new customers, list out services or product including price same time customers can view this information. Businesses can add all business information for customers. Business name, telephone number, address, opening hours, other network information link.


vCiteMobile is a data collection device primarily used for public safety agencies to assist them in enforcing the law. Whether writing parking citations, managing code enforcement, or issuing any other type of notice for infractions committed against the laws and regulations that are in place to protect us, having the right tool is imperative.

Alpha Warrior Women

Inspire, by Alpha Warrior Women, is a mobile & desktop application designed to help you take a holistic & scientific approach to how to evolve in daily personal growth as an individual in the pursuit of living your life by your design.