Fondoo – Dating App


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Fondoo lets the users Date with their preferred partner within certain radius of miles. Features made available in app are:

– Registration with facebook
– Ability to import profile with likes and interests from facebook
– Displaying likes and interests from facebook to profile of user
– Ability to set preferences with gender they want to date, age and radius of miles
– Posting a Feed in network that will last for 2 hours only
– Ability to post photo of the dating place and checkin place fetched from google places and foursqaure api
– Ability to send push notifications to all the users matching the criteria letting them know the update available for New Date
– Ability to like, ask a question and comment with hash tags
– Ability to chat to particular user (thread based)
– Google Maps with custom annotations letting users know number of checkins
– Auto checkout after 2 hours