Company Norms


1. Be Punctual

Punctuality is the most important asset that you can preserve and is one of the very few things that you have control over. Not only it gains you respect at your work place, but also enables you to leave on time. Y.I Time is Money !! You don’t follow this rule; don’t be surprised with your salary slip.

2. Don’t Strive to work better than others, Strive to work differently:

This Fast Growing Economy requires you to do smart work, than hard work. There are thousands of Mobile Applications in the same genre, but the only thing that makes the best one standout of the lot is its UI, which exhibits the concept of the app instantly, when launched on your device. Thus if you want to make yourself standout of the lot, give your work your taste. Every piece of work should be a natural extension of one’s heart. Always remember, the best UI is the simplest one.

3. Challenge yourself:

Don’t work every day to fill your attendance and to cover usual 9-5 shift. This way you’ll just get the salary but no recognition. Divide your work into modules/missions and assign each one to corresponding days, and note how many you accomplished, within the time you thought, based on your calibre. Not only, will you get to know your calibre, but also learn new things instantly. Promisingly, you’ll be astonished to see how enjoyable your work will become.

4. Don’t use cell phones in office. If you can’t help it, go to a technology rehab centre. They are free.

5. Be fast/Dynamic in the way you do things: Maybe we can wait for results, but time won’t wait for us. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help from your seniors. You are working with us not for us.

6. Loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room :

Save your energy for your work, rather than just talking about it. Let your work speak for your efficiency.

7. Innovate Yourself:

Get out of the box and take responsibility for every piece of work that you work on. This will not only help you to give your best in it, but also gradually have different Ideas to make it better or to enhance it further. Always remember that our careers are inter-related with each other. So, if you can’t work for yourself, work for the guy next to you.

  •  Standard Work Day will be from 10 am to 7pm.5 days a week.
  • No personal E-mails allowed.
  • Usage of Mobiles Phones is strictly prohibited, during working hours. You may use it in your one hour break.
  • Office should be informed and should be aware at-least 2 days prior to your leave of absence.
  • Reporting Sheet Needs to be maintained by every developer , daily, so that the management is fully aware and is up to date with the progress of the project , in case of an emergency.
  • Daily meeting, regarding the status of work, before leaving is mandatory. This enables us to keep our clients updated, regarding the same.
  • One Paid leave and a half day is allowed in a month, but should be informed in advance so that we can manage without hampering any project or a client.

Message By the Management

Nobody understands more than us, that our employees are the Greatest asset, and we’ll follow every means and strive to endure them, for the best work of their lives hopefully!! We strive to follow long term career oriented approach that will include recruiting outstanding talent to work with you and developing individuals internally.

All the policies mentioned above, are put forth keeping in mind the best interest of the team and to assure maintenance of discipline in office premises. Our job is not be nice to people, our job is to make them better.

Don’t follow these rules, inculcate them. Failures are like deadly forces, so always be ready for counter attack. Good copy the orders. Start the work and say out loud, Roger that Sir!!

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