Android Applications


Android is a very different platform then iOS in various aspects. Operating system breach, is decided to be very helpful by some people, but the other half think is it as a drawback. Because of the fact that Android is largely distributed in mobile phones of lot of companies like Huawei, Motorola, HTC, Micromax, Giome, tablets etc. the demand for applications is increasing gradually as well.Because if its vast usage around the Globe, investors find it far more profitable and recognizable than the iOS. The operating system, being open source can be molded in any way the customer wants, to make some really interesting applications.  Be it Ecommerce, Gaming, Utility, Social Networks etc. 

We also offer our consultancy to the clients for making their Ideas for the applications more polished, Commercial and successful. We not only provide best of our services for Android Applications development but useful suggestions from time to time, to help enhance the apps further, yet being highly user friendly interface.

Skill Set :

Strong knowledge of OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming concepts).
Proficient on User Interface (UI) in android, having good knowledge on customizing UI components.
SAX ,DOM and JSON parser.
Web view.
Android adapter views like Listview, Gridview and Gallery.

We have a highly skilled and Experienced Android Developers (5+ years) that have, are and will continue to work with complete dedication towards the product and Quality at the most.